Why CMOs Should Look To Voice AI As The Future Of Advertising

One of the first genius marketing moves came in the 1930s when radio soap operas were sponsored by Procter & Gamble.

Each episode was introduced with a short message from Duz laundry soap. They knew that soap operas had a captive audience with housewives doing the family’s laundry. Soon more household brands came on board, and when the shows migrated to television, the brands came with. Before the days of big data, advertisers were already delivering highly targeted campaigns.

Recommendation engines are a core component of major brands, as they drive increased engagement, purchases and customer satisfaction across platforms like Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, etc. Future-thinking brands will have to employ technology that is both more targeted and more conversational, speaking to the customer’s most immediate and unique needs. To that point, conversational AI is becoming a big deal in advertising.